Alizah Ali, Fariha Hameed, Bharath Nagaraj and Aayush Visaria recently published the following study in the British Journal of General Practice: “Interpretation of ethnicity-specific data: increased risk versus increased utilisation.”


“It was with great pleasure we read the article by Robson et al titled ‘NHS Health Checks: an observational study of equity and outcomes 2009–2017’. We would like to offer additional contributions regarding explanations for the findings and differences between ethnic groups. It is difficult to ascertain whether ethnic disparities in incidence of disease between attendees and non-attendees are due to underlying higher risk of disease in these groups or the result of the NHS Health Check. It is well established that Black and South Asian patients have increased risk of hypertension and diabetes compared with White patients, and that ethnicity-specific body mass index (BMI) cutoffs should be utilised. It would be important to understand the risk of incident disease in attendees versus non-attendees within each ethnic group.”

Original article: Ali A, Hameed F, Nagaraj B, Visaria A. Interpretation of ethnicity-specific data: increased risk versus increased utilisation. British Journal of General Practice. 2021 Nov 1;71(712):495-.

To read the full article, click here.

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